Individual Therapy in Midtown Toronto

We all need support at some point in life. Working with a therapist who you trust will help you feel understood and supported. You will gain insight into patterns that might be keeping you stuck in negative emotions and learn strategies to help you improve your daily functioning and find balance in your life. Psychotherapy […]

Couples Therapy

Seeking couples therapy might be the best decision you make for your relationship. All relationships have ups and downs and at times we need help to get back on track. Couples therapy can help you strengthen your bond by learning healthy ways to communicate your needs, identify stuck patterns and learn new ways to be […]

Child Therapy

There are times when changes in a child’s behaviour may be a sign that they need help. You might seek therapy for your child if you have observed the following issues: school refusal in child who previously enjoyed school lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities regressive behaviours like bedwetting, tantrums, clinginess excessive anxiety or […]

Family Therapy

Every family is unique and so are their needs. Working with a family therapist can help family members feel heard and valued and bring harmony back to your family system. You might seek family therapy if family members are struggling with the following issues: adjusting to a new family, eg: blended families sibling conflict parent […]

Teen Therapy in Midtown Toronto

Bringing About Positive Change for Teens! Adolescence is a time when many opportunities for growth and new learning can occur, but it can also be a time when many new challenges present themselves. At this time in a young person’s life, guidance, support and at times intervention can have great benefits. If you are a […]

Psychological Assessment Services in Midtown Toronto

Psychological Assessment This type of assessment can help provide clarity on an individual’s areas of emotional and cognitive functioning. It can be used to clarify areas that you are struggling with so that a clear direction for treatment is identified. You might also seek a psychological assessment if you would like to learn about some […]

Eating Disorder Treatment

At Orchid Psychotherapy Clinic, we offer specialized therapy for individuals struggling with eating disorders and related issues. Some of the concerns you may seek help for include:  emotional eating anorexia and bulimia nervosa binge eating disorder compulsive eating body image difficulties body dysmorphia overexercising “orthorexia” Our Eating Disorder treatment philosophy:   we are not a […]

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